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All About Endorphins: How to Boost Them Naturally and Get Happier

Endorphins are a naturally occurring chemical that can help boost our mindset and mood. When we start the recovery journey, we realize that we need to find healthy and sustainable ways to find happiness. After years of accessing endorphins through drugs and alcohol, it can feel impossible to locate new roads to true and lasting joy. This is where simple practices to get your endorphins activated can be quite helpful. 

What Are Endorphins and What Do They Do?

Endorphins, as stated above, are naturally occurring chemicals in our brains. They help to boost our mood, relieve pain and are sometimes referred to as the “feel good” chemicals. In those who suffer from depression, endorphin levels are lower than average. Opioids, which act similarly to endorphins, actually inhibit our brain’s ability to produce these essential chemicals on their own. The National Institute on Drug Abuse stated that over 90 people die each day from opioid overdoses. We are at a crisis point and it’s imperative that we find sustainable practices for boosting mood.

Easy Ways to Increase Endorphins

Luckily, there are many ways to boost endorphins naturally. Regular exercise, laughter, meditation and yoga, and volunteering/giving to others, are all easy ways to get these happiness chemicals flowing. Other ways to boost endorphins include positive affirmations, spending time outdoors, and eating spicy foods. Lastly, deep and proper breathing can increase endorphins. Oftentimes when we are stressed or anxious, our breathing is shallow and strained. Check in with yourself during the day to make sure you’re engaging in long, deep breathing. All of these methods are simple, free, and easy. Use some of these activities as tools in your recovery journey.


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