Tree House Recovery Family Program is our family-centered work that helps families build a form of family recovery that sticks. In the weekly family program, we blend information and process with inspiration to help participants make family-affirming, healthy relationship decisions. We work together to discover how our old thinking can influence lives and relationships today.  At THR, our Family Program is focused on providing support for families of addicts. While our addiction treatment staff work with your loved one to resolve their addiction, the Family Program is there to help you focus on yourself. Addiction takes a tremendous toll on family members and is designed to empower you to a healthier optimized self. Call us today at (855) 202-2138 to more about a program built for parents and loved ones of addicts.

• Parents of Addicts
• Mothers of Addicts
• Fathers of Addicts
• Loved ones of Addicts

Healing Codependency, repairing relationships, and building a stronger you.

Whether you are living with an addict or the parent of someone currently enrolled in the THR addiction treatment program, our family program can help you. The strategies for change learned by joining the program help all the family members establish healthy boundaries between each other including the addict. Connected by a fierce love, but not fused, the family fosters a new capacity for honesty and forgiveness, and the power to release blame games, and the need to create drama. What begins is nothing short of a miracle for our families. Roles, goals, and expectations shift. Worry and chaos are replaced by steady mindfulness and active, loving responses. 

Family Program Overview:

  1. How the brain and bodywork. The Brain.
  2. Disease Model and Triangle Dynamic
  3. Trauma
  4. Triggers and Emotional Regulation
  5. What is wrong with my loved one? What is addiction?
  6. How do I know I am a codependent and what can I do about it?  
  7. Exploring Defenses. The relationship between Denial and Enabling.
  8. Caring detachment vs Enabling 
  9. Family Roles and Family Systems
  10. Grief and Loss 
  11. Boundaries and Guidelines going forward.
  12. Exploring the Concept of Surrender and Acceptance



With over 40 years of experience providing family support to families of addicts, Karen has helped thousands of families heal from codependent relationships and to create sustainable change from within.

Is the family program right for you?

Tree House Recovery is more than a rehab for men. We are a resource for families. Call us today at (855) 202-2138to find out if the family program can help you.