Your loved one is counting on you to do what he cannot… to select the place that is best for him and his recovery. The choice that you make will go a long way in shaping the rest of his life. So, please be wary and be smart. DO NOT make the common mistake of choosing a Treatment Center based on lush landscapes, beautiful rooms, modern amenities and serene gardens. These superficial features cannot be expected to play a positive role in any man’s recovery. Truth is, these fancy features could very well turn into negative distractions. Do the right thing for your loved one by choosing a Treatment Program that offers the best opportunity for a successful recovery by…

  • Providing a clean, safe and nourishing environment
  • Introducing residents to a wide range of clinical and physical approaches to recovery
  • Supplying outstanding personal care by featuring a healthy staff-to-resident ratio
  • Teaching Tree House men about the relationship between behavior and consequence, while avoiding pampering and enabling
  • Mentoring residents through the TreeHouse Program AND preparing them for life after Treatment

If you are the mother of an addict, we recommend The Addict’s Mom as a source for support and to connect with a kindred spirit.


If you are in need of drug-free housing, please visit Tree House Drug and Alcohol Free Housing.

If you are in the Northwest, please visit Tree House Northwest.

“To see [our son] excited about the things going on in his life is truly a wonderful thing!” – Dave and Mary L., Irvine, CA