Addiction Care for Men Who Save Lives


Optimizing Health


As a first responder, you often put your well-being second to saving lives. Far to often, drugs and alcohol become a dangerous way to cope. Addiction impacts the mental, social, and physical health of everyone it touches. And when you combine the stress of saving lives with addiction, the results can be catastrophic. At Tree House Recovery we address the key areas necessary to get you strong again so you can take the control back. We focus on helping you get optimized. Living a life of strength that you love. Sobriety is the result of being empowered, healthy and ultimately happy. Our expert staff does what it takes to help you live a life seeking your potential. Call us today at (855) 202-2138 to learn who we can help.

X-Ray Tech Sober Transformation

Team: From Isolated to reconnected

Addiction isolates us. We understand strong team connections are essential for lasting recovery – our health depends on the strength we bring to the team. And everywhere in life, you are on a team. Family, friends, work, and community are all teams. Action Based Induction Therapy (ABIT) is designed to help you connect and become the ultimate team member. ABIT is a Navy SEAL-based modality teaches communication, leadership and collaboration skills that help you manage stress and be more effective regardless of the team you are on.

• Builds team connections
• Enhances decision-making
• Strengthens leadership skills
• Teaches navigation of adversity



Everyone picks up trauma in life, big and small. First responders are on the front line exposed to traumatic scenarios constantly. Our Writing Therapy provides a unique “tool” that allows men to examine, understand and resolve the past experiences. Digging into these unspoken experiences is essential for sustainable, long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. After completing our series of structured, expressive written assignments, Writing Therapy provides a unique “tool” that allows men to process trauma long after treatment to maintain health in sobriety.

• Resolution of trauma
• Honest, detailed reflection
• Improved decision-making
• Use of write as a “tool”



The brain and body are one interconnected system that has a tremendous effect on the way we think and feel. And addiction takes a massive toll. ESM Fitness Therapy is a purpose build hybrid of cardiovascular conditioning and strength training designed to treat the biological effects of addiction. ESM normalizes the chemistry of the body and mind, reduces the symptoms of Post Acute Withdrawal. Although the benefits of ESM exercise therapy are unparalleled for the physical recovery of addiction, it also promotes profound psychological shifts. The team-based workouts also prime the brain with the focus, mental clarity and information retention so you can get the most out of THRs Addiction Education and One-on-One therapy for the most effective treatment possible.

• Reduced anxiety & fatigue
• Improved sleep & thinking
• Lessened stress sensitivity
• Get stronger, stay fitter



Tree House Recovery is proud to stand behind the men who risk their lives to keep our America safe. When Firefighters, EMTs and Police Officers need help, we are here to get them healthy and beat addiction. At Tree House, we dedicate everything we do to lifting humanity to its highest potential. We only succeed when our clients succeed, in that they live healthy, empowered lives of continual growth. Tree House is more than a typical rehab. It is live optimization through empowerment. If you want help or know loved one who does, call (855) 202-2138 to learn what Tree House can do to improve your situation. Our assessments are free, fast, and 100% confidential.