Rehabilitation Center

Tammy Z.

San Francisco, CA

Treehouse has been a Godsend for my son and our family. He had been kicked out of another local program after multiple relapses. Once at Treehouse, as he engaged in the intensive program and community, he finally started to uncover the strong, smart, creative, healthy, funny young man that we always knew was there. It has not been easy as he has stumbled multiple times, but Treehouse has continued to support him toward long term sobriety. I can’t say enough about how this program (family) has added years to the life of my son, husband and myself. If you or your son struggle with addiction, please call Treehouse!

Nancy L.

Irvine, CA

Tree House Recovery saved ours son’s life! We went through 9 long years of our son running away, dealing with police and him almost dying twice from an overdose! We tried many IOP programs through the years including an interventionist to get him out of our house. None of that worked. He was living in sober living at Treehouse where he used again and was going to be kicked out. We got a call late at night from Geoff at Treehouse and said he wanted to put Jason into their IOP program that evening. Not once did he ask for money, only that they wanted to save his life. Other IOP programs wouldn’t even take him in until they had a credit card number!

He was taken over to their IOP program house and immediately started the program of early morning working outs on the beach. Within 3 weeks we started to see Jason change. He talked about his yoga classes, boot camp and eating healthy. He met with counselors that he liked and started writing in his literary class. Within 3 months we saw our drug addict son who didn’t care about himself or others transform into this wonderful man that was now healthy, strong and free of drugs!

This program has many wonderful things going for it. These men stick together, support one another and will always be there for one another. They are all best friends! Thank you to all the staff that turned our son around so he could see the good inside himself! He is now self sufficent and talks about his future!

Katie B.

St. Augustine, FL

I am beyond grateful for Treehouse! They saved my brothers life! My brother was fighting an awful addiction just as so many people are these days. There were times he wanted to give up but Treehouse wouldn’t let that happen. My brother fought through the tough times and has graduated the program with great success. He’s truly able to live and enjoy his life now and that’s all thanks to the wonderful program Treehouse has to offer. I would highly recommend this recovery center to anyone who is serious about fighting their demons and winning their lives back.

Josh F.

Costa Mesa, CA

I’ve been through the TreeHouse IOP program. I haven’t been through many treatment centers, but I can say that when I needed hep treehouse was there or me. They helped me grow into the man I am today. I can’t say enough good things about treehouse, but what I will tell you is it is not a “lush” treatment center, this is not the place you go to get the courts or your family off of your back. It is the place you go if you are truly ready to put in the hard work and be sober for the rest of your life. Going through the TreeHouse IOP program is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I’m grateful for the dedication their staff has for my well being!! Thank you treehouse!

Patrick F.

Newport Beach, CA

As a graduate and former client of Treehouse Recovery I say with complete confidence, “this place has saved my life”. I have taken “THE TOUR” having undergone several treatments, stayed in multiple sober living environments; but not one of them was able to provide the type of structure and personalized care that I needed to get better. Treehouse provided me the tools, knowledge, and support network necessary for me to due the work on myself that I had put off for a long time. My entire life in fact. Through work with my counselor, literary therapist, and other modality instructors, as well as my team, I was finally able to answer some of the life long questions I had always pondered. ( Why am I so drawn to drugs and alcohol?/ Why have I always felt so different?/ Who is Patrick and what does he want from life?) Because of this place I have discovered the answers that have opened the door to a whole new life. I now live a fun filled, healthy life surrounded by true loved ones and friends that care for me. Treehouse filled the void that held me down in addiction, and I am now able to experience life for the first time. My name is Patrick Freeland (21 months sobriety) and my family and I are eternally grateful for the staff and support at Treehouse Recovery.