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This place saved my life! I would recommend this place to anyone who is serious and willing enough to do whatever it takes to get better!


Drug addiction education, health and fitness, One on one therapy, team building, relapse prevention tools, after care planning and encouragement and support. Treehouse gave me my life back. The treatment team showed me a new way of living and how to be a productive member society. They help me understand my addiction. By watching everyone that had previously gone through the program and what they were doing with their lives it gave me hope and inspiration. They devised a treatment plan that was for me. When I left treatment I was prepared. I owe my new life treehouse! without them I wouldn't of been able to see or fulfill my potential.


Incredible staff who are knowledgeable and deeply devoted to the work they do. The treatment incudes holistic options such a yoga and meditation, physical exercise, 12 step meetings, addiction education and team building exercises. The length of treatment usually lasts between 4-6 months which helps created a stronger base of sobriety. Housing could be better maintained. Before coming to Tree House Recovery I had been through 12 previous treatment centers of varies types and lengths of stay without ever being able to achieve any real sobriety time. THR was the exact mix of holistic and physical activity, individual therapy, addiction education and 12 step ideology that I needed. I was not babied or pampered like I experienced at some other rehab facilities but instead was encouraged to make the changes within myself.


Our son was in 5 rehabs before THR. It is their approach to addiction from writing assignments and physical fitness aspect of the program, dove-tailed with their dedicated staff that was the key to open the door of sobriety for our son. We always knew there was a wonderful man inside wanting so desperately to break the chains of addiction that binded him. THR gave him the education, tools and physical well-being to be the sober man he is today. This is a stellar rehab!


Connection, community, love, care, intelligence, understanding people. Never experienced anything I didn't think was effective. Nothing comes to mind when I think of weakness. I have to start with just beautiful. Tree House picked me up and showed me life again, the true meaning of life. We each have a different understanding of that but because of the work we put it on ourselves I was able to shape my life the way I wanted and everyday I wake up with understanding and STILL in awe that's it's true. The life I live is beautiful today and the depth of what we learn in Tree House is what helped me get there. The emotion behind my words are powerful, this is where change is.. Tree House saved my life and Its unique. I'd recommend it to anyone who wanted full transformation and a new beginning.


Strengths: Staff is always there for you and very helpful and understanding. Weaknesses: You have to cook. They help you control your mind and body, to become a healthier better you. Something no other places can offer, its one of a kind


Strengths: Amazing staff, amazing program, beutiful place, once in a life time experience. Weaknesses: few and far between, a better nutrition program. If you have tried other "treatments" and are ready to explore an option that will push you mentally, physically and spiritually then Tree House is the way to go. It was completely different then anything I have ever experienced


Great staff who are knowledgeable and have a clear understanding of recovery, curriculum is easy to understand and apply, organized and well put together program. Physically demanding program, that would be challenging for someone with severe physical limitations. Tree House Recovery helped me change my life. I have never met staff at a treatment facility that care as much as those who work for Tree House Recovery. They genuinely want me to succeed and will go out of their way to help me however they can. In this program I learned how to live a happy and a healthy life without the use of drugs or alcohol. I cannot thank Tree House Recovery enough for the amazing life that I live today. I have over 20 months clean from all drugs and alcohol, I am working at a great job, have my family back in my life. I have been to numerous other treatment programs but am glad that I finally found one that worked for me.


Treehouse has numerous therapy approaches that each any individual in different ways. The staff is loving, supportive, educated and treats you with respect. Each person will be challenged physically, mentally and spiritually. The program will be challenging but well worth it if you put forth the effort. This treatment center is action based holistic in nature and teaches you more that just staying sober. Tree house is taught me how to have fun again. They help recondition my thinking and taught me how to live a happy healthy lifestyle that i have always wanted.


My son was a several previous rehabs, but Tree House has given him 20 months of sobriety and counting. Young energetic staff and physical fitness are strengths of Tree House.