Justin McMillen on The Motivation Report

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Justin McMillen, founder and CEO of Tree House Recovery, sits down with the Motivation Report’s host, William Sterling. They discuss Tree House Recovery’s philosophies and mechanics, explaining what makes our program so effective. Justin talks about the importance of strong social bonds in recovery and discusses how many of the …

Sober man stretches and practices the recipe for healthy living

Recipe for Healthy Living

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By Justin McMillen Founder & CEO “Is there a specific way in which to live my life, have my thoughts, and interact with the world around me that will cause me to wake up everyday feeling fulfilled, happy with who I am, what I am, and how I live?” We …

Maladaptive behaviors in addiction recovery

The Road to Relapse

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By Robert Mo Tree House Staff Sober? Or abstaining from substances? Unpredictable relapse? Or set up behavior that lead back to active addiction? How many attempts at sobriety do you have? I accumulated at least half a dozen sobriety dates before achieving over 4 years and counting of continuous sobriety. …