Guiding Addicts & Families To Health

Your loved one is counting on you to do what he can not… to select the treatment center that is best for him and his recovery. The choice that you make will go a long way in shaping the rest of his life. Not all treatment centers are the same. Please do your research. When you call, ask about success rates, methods and track records. Tree House Recovery is here for you, offering…

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    Personalized Care

    Supplying outstanding personal care by featuring an outstanding staff-to-client ratio

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    360-Degree Approach

    Introducing clients to a wide range of clinical and physical approaches to recovery

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    Comprehensive Aftercare

    Ensuring that clients have the continued support to get healthy and stay happy.

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    Family Support

    Providing excellent support and education for both addicts and their families

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    Real-Word Application

    Mentoring clients through recovery AND preparing them for life after treatment

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    JCAHO Accredited

    Meeting the highest standards for addiction treatment accreditation (JCAHO)