TREE HOUSE Treatment

Tree House Recovery’s unique approach to chemical dependency treatment focuses on the mind/body connection to build sustainable, healthy lives. Clients of our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) spend a minimum of six hours a day, five days a week, attending individualized configurations of our distinctive treatment methods. With 24-hour support, Tree House Recovery’s Partial Hospitalization Program offers the same level of care as many residential programs. Clients are shown how to thrive in a community of their peers while learning increased self-reliance. Tree House Recovery performs three random, comprehensive drug tests per week, eliminating any possibility for undetected relapse. Length of treatment is based on a client’s particular needs and their pace in meeting specific clinical benchmarks.

“As they build their bodies and minds back, something takes hold and delivers them from the Black Hole of Addiction. Today I am grateful for…the entire staff at Tree House Recovery.”

Amy S., mother
Colorado Springs, CO

Healing the Mind

The better we understand our addiction, the stronger we become. Our counselors will teach you to identify, process and resolve unhealthy thought processes in order to empower you to overcome addiction and actualize the life you deserve.



Our Addiction Education component teaches clients about the invisible physiological and biological triggers that are activated whenever drugs and alcohol are introduced to their systems. By learning about and understanding these triggers, clients gain valuable ammunition in their battles with addiction.

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Every one of our clients is exposed to some form of One on One Therapy on a daily basis. This platform of traditional therapy sessions, delivered in partnership with the other Psychological and Physical components at THR, presents our residents with an uncommonly healthy and nourishing menu of options.

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The “naked writing” element at Tree House provides our clients (particularly reluctant ones) with an additional platform, one that is free of barriers, judgments and/or peer pressures, where they can write openly (nakedly) about, identify and hopefully gain a much clearer understanding of their issues.

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It is the mission of our Process Groups to expose our clients, on a daily basis, to other voices by providing a safe and comfortable environment where men can, under the careful guidance of our Group Counselors, listen and learn from the voices of others… others who have been on the same journey as they have.

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Healing the Body

Our program of physical empowerment will enable you to experience a renewed sense of both individual and team accomplishment, a heightened level of wellness and an overall rebirth of self-esteem. Our methods balance your body’s chemicals and speed the return to your natural and healthy state, an essential step towards psychological wellbeing. We do all of this using beautiful Orange County, California as a backdrop.



Taught and supervised on-site by Neil Trusso, Experiential Therapy offers valuable lessons about teamwork, trust, mutual respect and acute physical awareness that our clients will find to be priceless assets in their new, clean and sober lives.

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Fitness Therapy is a daily regiment of physical awareness, challenges and discovery that is designed, in gradual stages, to enable our clients to experience a renewed sense of individual and team accomplishments, a heightened level of wellness and an overall rebirth of self-esteem.

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Through the connection to body and breath, clients discover that the same principles that bring out the best in them on the yoga mat can be applied to daily life, learning to meet challenges with a sense of relaxation, self-acceptance, strength, courage, and openness to change.

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Be it a Triathlon on Catalina Island, a camping trip in Orange County, or a Spartan Race, our Recovery in Action events are rich opportunity for clients to master the concepts and principles that they are exposed to on a daily basis, while introducing them to a wide range of fun sober activities.

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